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Updated: Mar 28

We have submitted legislation for each of the two most recent legislative sessions. In 2021-2022, our first bill was filed by Rep. Lindsay Sabadosa and co-sponsored by Senator Jo Comerford, Senator Adam Hinds and Rep. Natalie Blais. H.1003 An Act to Ensure Accountability and Public Rights Regarding Commercial Tree Harvesting on Commonwealth-owned Lands received attention throughout the state. It was heard by the Joint Committee on the Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture, and ultimately reported out "for study." Read the bill at: Read our talking points on H1003.

In 2023, we developed three bills, two of which were put on the docket and one which was very unfortunately held up in "placeholder" status, never released for public or legislative consideration. The two which received committee hearings were:

H895, An Act to require separate carbon accounting for working lands and natural lands and to eliminate from Massachusetts net-zero carbon emissions goal any carbon offsets sold to entities outside of the Commonwealth, was sponsored by Rep. Lindsay Sabadosa. See

H1816, An Act to Establish Individual Standing, was sponsored by Rep. Susannah Whipps. See Read our talking points below.

You might be interested in the story of what led us into the realm of legislation. Watch our updated video presentation below. While you're there, please subscribe to our YouTube channel. Thanks!

Though we are done with the above campaigns, the issues remain, and we remain committed to working to address these, through legislation as well as by other approaches. Please share this information widely and talk about it with your friends and neighbors.

Thank you for your civic engagement!

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