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Support Our Legislation

H.1003 An Act to Ensure Accountability and Public Rights Regarding Commercial Tree Harvesting on Commonwealth-owned Lands was filed by Rep. Lindsay Sabadosa and is sponsored by WSFA member Barthold Bouricius.


Here is what you can do to learn about and support H.1003:


1. Watch our updated video presentation.


2. Read the bill at:


3. Read our talking points.


4. Send this letter A.S.A.P., asking your state senator and representative to cosponsor the bill.


5. Submit written comments to the Joint Committee on Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture (ENRA) at


6. The ENRA Joint Committee hearing took place on December 7, 2021.  Thanks to all who testified in support of H.1003.  Listen to the recording here


7. Share this page widely and talk about it with your friends and neighbors.


Thank you for your civic engagement!


Sign the petition.

The petition calls for an immediate moratorium on logging on all Massachusetts state-owned lands, including woodlands, parklands, reserves, and watersheds managed by the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation, and wildlife management areas managed by the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife, excluding the cutting of trees proven to be necessary to protect public safety.

Our Massachusetts forests are critical in mitigating climate change, preserving native wildlife and habitats, safeguarding soils, providing clean air and water, and offering public recreation. Logging our forests harms these values, while protecting our forests from cutting enhances them. Keeping our forests standing would allow them to absorb and store carbon at an increasing rate for centuries to come. This would complement the state’s goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Now is the time to revisit our public forest policies to ensure the greatest possible benefit for this and future generations.


Logging devastated areas of Wendell State Forest in 2019, and rendered some recreational trails completely unusable.

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