Help Stop Global Warming. Protect our forests.

For now, and for the generations after us.


Wendell State Forest Alliance was formed to protect, through non-violent means, the health, diversity, and various ecosystems of the Commonwealth's state forests. The Alliance recognizes the urgent need to protect Earth and all her inhabitants from the disastrous effects of climate change. Safeguarding forests is the easiest and least expensive method of carbon sequestration. Our aim is to keep Wendell State Forest and all state forests intact. We insist -- as citizen owners of our state forests -- that we have a full voice in all decisions which regulate their care. The Alliance is committed to climate justice and to organizing and training activists in non-violent direct action and civil disobedience.

Petition to Protect MA Forests-Logging Moratorium


Donations made through our umbrella non-profit organization, the

Traprock Center for Peace and Justice, are tax-deductible.

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